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Dinner & Company features freshly made dinners with the highest level of service, quality and taste.
We guarantee delicious local and farm fresh cuisine, for take out, catering, specialized meal plans and delivery.

Whitby Deliveries

(Taunton to 401 & Brock to Thornton)
$4.75 delivery service charge  

Seasonal Menus

Seasonal Menus provide a ever changing culinary experience that allows us to prepare only the freshest and highest quality food.
Our house made Natural Jus Reduction ("gravy") is made over 48 hours with the freshest herbs and produce, veal and beef bones are roasted, then the stock is reduced with red wine and herbs slowly over 2 days, never compromising quality or taste (our most established and closest competitors use pre-made and from-powder gravies and sauces).

Meal Plans

Dinner & Company offers specialized meal plans that can be delivered to your door or picked up. Your family and friends can enjoy a healthy, economical, and delicious freshly prepared fine dining quality meal from the comforts of your home. Pre order set meal plans for your family for additional savings.

Please enquire about our healthy & delicious Children's menu options

For the best dining and culinary experience in Durham all you need is Dinner & Company.

Recipients of the 2015/ 2016 Young Entrepreneurs Award & Grant from the City of Toronto.